Avocados. Delivered to Your Door. Every Week.

Think Dollar Shave Club... but with avocados.

AvocaGO is a national avocado subscription service that ensures you'll never live another day of your life without a ripe avocado in your purse/counter/fridge.

The Story of the "Purse Avocado"

Danika and Camille were leaving their local Whole Foods while discussing what they picked up for lunch. At the same time, they both said "...oh, and I have an avocado in my purse". They acknowledged the necessity for any clean eater to keep this healthy fat on standby at all times and bonded over the frustration of non-ripe or mushy grocery store avocados and the constant struggle of trying to have the perfect avocado on hand at all times. What if the perfect avocado just arrived on your doorstep every week? Armed with their food industry experience from their meal delivery service, Model Meals, they thought, "why not take the hassle out of finding the perfect avocado and just deliver them to your door?". AvocaGO was born. 

The Origin of "The Purse Avocado"